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Originally Posted by VEGET@ View Post
The look very very good.
The screen is bigger than normal rigth??
Good bye.
Yes it is. I like big screens. :D

Originally Posted by Trigger View Post
Can you evolve Zolua into Zoloark? I call them that because that's probably going their Americanized names.
I didn't knew that. And no, it stays a Zo(r/l)ua. A Pokémon-Yellow-Pikachu-Effect.

Originally Posted by Vociferocity View Post

It's true that the girl has an important role, but having a major npc be a chick is different from getting to actually play as a girl. idk, I mean, it's not difficult to make it so you can play as either a girl or a guy, so I guess I just don't really see why you'd make it so you could only play as a dude.

then again, it's your game, so I shouldn't tell you what to do with it XD it's looking great so far, I love the idea of a city inside a mountain.
Perhaps you're right. You know... expect a heroine soon!

Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
So you finally posted this?
I won't comment on the story since graphics are such an important part in your games.
1. It looks really good, the light effects don't deter from the rest and the buildings really nice. One bad part is where the grass connects to the ledge, it looks unnatural. The grass should really over hang a little.
2. The trees and grass are really nice, perfect pallets on them. Is it snow on the trees btw? And little cute Buneary hopping about!
3. Everything looks fine in the cave, but the light from the entrance, it doesn't look right.
4. The trees in here don't look very good in this one, I know they're the HG/SS standard, but I don't really like them. The mountain tiles also need a new pallet imo.
5. ^
6. Nice sea tiles there, I don't suppose they're public
7. There shouldn't really be grass right on the sea shore, since the sea would wash anything away before it could grow that much. The rest looks great, I really like the gym.
8. It doesn't really matter, but how are those shrubs supposed to grow on paving? The flowers are too flat, but I suppose it fits.
9. Those great trees again! The buildings good and so is the rest. However, like in the cave, the lighting isn't that good. It's too distracting.
10. Same place.
11. You've mixed the trees pretty well, but maybe the top row of five in a shouldn't be all the same? Blue grass looks cool. And Zorua!
12. The building at the top looks a little flat, but maybe that's only since you can't see the top. The rest is fine.

Over all it's all really good, probably the fifth best looking game here. I don't like it as much as August Emerald (4th best imo), the buildings don't seems as original or good, the lighting is also not as good. I also like the classic resolution more.
You like August Emerald better?! Dude.. that style is old. Well, people may have their own opinions, eh?

1. I agree with you about the ledge, that'll be fixed.
3. And about the entrance in the cave... I bet you mean the side one? Check HGSS on it. That's how it looks.
4. Alot of people don't seem to like the trees HGSS uses... well... they fit this area pretty good, and remember, only the southern part of the region will use this tree kind!
6. Nope... they aren't. xD
7. Woops, tile bug! Thanks for noticing.
8. They didn't grow, they are planted. Plus, those aren't flowers, but berries.
9. Actually, that isn't lighting, that's just a screen color tone because of the fact it's a area where it snows.
11. I placed those trees completely randomly.. but perhaps you're right.
12. Yeah, it does look flat in the screen, but it's the missing roof which causes that.

Originally Posted by ultron90 View Post
It looks awesome. But I noticed in the video that when the player gets to the edge of a map, he doesn't stay in the middle of the screen anymore. Is that intentional?
I'm using Essentials' SnapEdges mode. I did this on purpose.. because I like it. xD

Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
I believe that is a feature of Essentials that prevents the players from seeing the HORRIBLE BLACK EDGES, if maps aren't large enough.
It wasn't specifically to prevent black edges, but it helps.

Originally Posted by ~JV~ View Post
Actually, that is a default feature on RMXP that Poccil removed, but it looks like he added it back in the latest versions.

Dew, the game is looking really good, kepp doing that great work!
Yeah, that's what it is. And thanks man.