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    Hack name: Project Utopia

    Hack of: Depends on team's preference, most likley to be Diamond/Pearl.

    Additional information about the hack: The hack itself will have a story far different from your usual re-make and will have a slightley darker plot and more pressing issues. Just something perhaps that is more story driven, but fear not, the battling system will still be a large part of the game. For more information on the story, its best to actually go to the topic dedicated to this hack.

    Finished percentage: 5%

    Your hacking skills: My role is simply Game Creator, Head Writer and Director.

    What help or skill you're looking for: Any position that interests anyone really, I have a list on my team discussion topic of all the positions required to be filled.

    Additional contact information: PM or [email protected]

    Additional information: It's best to view my actual topic first to see anything added abut the hel I require.