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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
wow, maybe I'm a lil late, but everyone is a critic... I see the errors about some of the stuff reading the topic but the errors by some is to make theirselves feel better bout their piece of crap... If you release this during my release i'd be screwed... keep up the good work.. seen alot of people trying to critisise what they could never do...
Aww.. thanks. I've played your demo, by the way. You could use some music (xD) and PLEASE.. get some new tiles. Sinnoh Kyle's are way overused.

Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
The first two screenies gave me sort of a chuckle 'LOMG' I interpreted it into LOLOMG/LOL OH MY GOD..Furthermore, it's very nice,the screenies look very promising and the tiles are amazing.I like the idea of changing storylines and focusing on the kidnapped Pokemon. Keep up the good work.
On a side note:
I'm just wondering about this sentence because shouldn't it be Mr.Cutter instead of mr.Cutter?
Ahaha, that's what I had too.. so I think 'LotMG' would be better. And.. I actually don't know. Does it? I'm not native, y'know.

Originally Posted by Mrchewy View Post
Artistically, this game looks quite impressive, but you really need to cut down on your use of fogs. Adding fogs here and there for atmosphere is great, but using them in every single map is a little overkill.

For example, the cave in your signature has this strange, light-rays fog going on, looking as if we're playing the game through a sheet of glass. While this fog is present on some other screens as well, what on earth is it doing on a cave map?

Overall though, don't take my complaint too seriously; I still think this is a really high quality game. The name of the project (and to a further extent the acronym) is a bit silly, but overall I think this is an interesting spin on Pokémon.
Actually, I don't use the fogs on every single map. Just on the snow maps and some light rays on the cave maps. The rest is fully fog-less. And about the name... I think it describes what the game is about, so you'll see when a demo comes.