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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
So far as what I've heard... the next generation handheld will be the Nintendo 3DS. Which I am 100% sure that the 5th generation Pokémon games will be on that new handheld which will be shown at this year's E3 (on June 15th, 2010).

Which basically means we'll be even more stuck in the past in ROM hacking if we cannot make a 4th generation map editor.
I'm pretty sure the 5th generation will have actual models of characters rather than sprites. As far as I'm conserned... we aren't getting anywhere in creating a map editor for the 4th generation. Man I wish I knew how to program, then I possibly might be able to create one.

Models, blocks, offsets, scripts, movement permissions, and boarder blocks. Those are the things I've realized in the 4th generation. If only if I learned how to make programs and all that... it could be possible I would've made one by now.
Sadly... I have to take many courses before I would be able to know how to make programs. Which would possibly take a very long time indeed (probably about 6 or more years).

A map viewer would be indeed be good enough in viewing the maps and all that... all we need now is something to be able to edit all of that. The question is... how?
Well, a bit of thinking can do wonders.

Using the same interface, change the portion that views the map to make a click 'n drag interface. Then, make a list of the building models, and make an XYZ drag display to make different sized buildings. Than, make a list of the songs and make a drop list to make that happen. Done. A "Simple" map editor for 4th gen. But, if 5th gen is 3D, that may not be possible.
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