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Originally Posted by PatJamma View Post
i like the updates but i just thought of something if possible take out the ringing sound when your pokémon has low health
Sure. That always got on my nerves.

Originally Posted by Vociferocity View Post
wow, this sounds totally awesome! can't wait to play it, good luck with making it :D

Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
hey nice to see updates on this again.

It looks good but wouldn't be easier to keep the health bar in a single spot
It doesn't really make too much difference coding wise, so as a player would you prefer it to stay still?

Also, the pokemon and health bars in that screenshot don't move quite as fast as that.

New Screenie!

I'm just going to explain a few things in this screenshot...
  • Danger Bar - As mentioned in the feature list, this shows you how strong the opponent is compared to your active Pokemon
  • Fatigue - Moves no longer have PP, instead the stronger the move, the more fatigued your Pokemon gets. When the fatigue Bar reaches full, your Pokemon has to rest for a turn or two.

Also, I'd like to introduce the feature of...
"Move Selection"
Each Pokemon can learn many different moves which they don't have to forget. At any point outside of battle, a player can access a Pokemon's Skills Screen and choose out of all that Pokemon's learnt techniques, which 4 he wants to set for battle. This allows for lots of strategic customisation on the player's part.

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