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    I was searching around on The Spriters Resource forums. I found two tilesets and a few autotiles that I think would be helpful. The tiles in the tileset are not made by me or Lordindy from spriters resource, who was nice enough to make a RPG MAKER XP tileset with the tiles.

    I was wondering if anyone would like to make the 2 tilesets into 1 or make them more organized, if so you can. And if anyone has any tiles that go with this style that are not on the tile sets, please add them and post them in here with who to credit. I also will be adding the credits on the tilesets too.

    Lordindy - Tile Sets
    Kyledove or "Kyomotian" - All tiles you see.

    Tilesets/auto tiles attached to post for now. Will be adding link soon.
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