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    Originally Posted by 12345 View Post
    :\, I think I forgot put a script into it, sorry I'll fix it in the next version.
    I have some new things to show you.
    OW and Trainer Sprites for TRIATHLETE.
    Well, it's Ethan and Lyra's Sprites in Pokeathlon HGSS and OW from 874521's resources

    Cool Trainer Sprite: (@SonicBlazePlatinum: I like Cool Trainer than Ace Trainer )

    Some maps

    And the underwater (I still improve it.)

    Finally, the 5th Gym Leader

    And many people told me they can't patch the UPS file. But when I try to create APS file, the title screen will be get a glitch. But if you don't be afraid of this, you can use this APS file:
    Beta 1 APS File:
    Well, it looked nice when it is inserted.
    Anyway, the cooltrainer's sprite looks nice!
    The tiles are looking good in the underwater. I didn't noticed the boat when I first saw the pictures. It's also nice when it is inserted. I hope you complete this hack!
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