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    Interestingly, my daughter just got a pack of cards with the same mixed up Rampardos/Mismagius. I have the wrapper from the pack in front of me and it looks authentic to me - has the Pokemon logo on the front and all the copyright info in the back. If I get a chance, I will scan the front and back of the wrapper so you can tell me what to look out for.

    While the new cards look pretty genuine to me, once I compared cards from the new mismagius pack alongside one of the cards from an authentic pack side by side, the differences are clear. The picture on the "fake" almost looks like it was printed on an inkjet printer at some point -- the pic on the back of the cards is kind of pixellated, compared to the pic on the authentic card. The fonts are different and there are a lot of typos in the text on all the cards in the fake pack. The card stock on the fakes is a little thinner and flimsier than the authentic cards as well. But if I hadn't found this thread out of curiousity re: the mixed up rampardos/mismagius pics, I never would have suspected anything (well, maybe all the typos would have eventually clued me in...).

    I have a hard time believing it's really worth it to someone to fake pokemon cards, of all things. I guess you learn something new every day! Oh well, my daughter isn't a serious collector and probably won't care either way. Thanks for the helpful thread!