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    Originally Posted by Eurydice View Post
    oh wow im in love with the gyarados. good job, its so amazing. ^_^
    Thank you ^^

    Originally Posted by RAGECANDYBAR View Post
    Whoa man these are really cool
    Each of them has their own atmosphere to it, and I can see that you like to delve into drawing the more mysterious and dangerous side of Pokemon.

    Your own style also shines though here--especially with the shading and the show of personality of each Pokemon. Er, hopefully I'm making sense.

    Anywho, while it's good to have a unique style like yours it tends to also be fun to explore other styles; not only would it be a new and possibly challenging experience, it would also serve to improve your art as well as your original style. Shading with odd colours (like purple or orange) tends to produce a really cool effect, so maybe you could try that?

    You don't really have to listen to me, but I would love to see some more variation here because you're obviously a talented artist.

    Now, moving on to each individual piece, I'd say that the Alakazam and Umbreon were pulled off well. The Pidgeot however, looks a little bit stiff (though I must say the wings are pretty stunning). Maybe you should look up a couple of pictures of a bird in the pose you were going for? From my perspective it seemed like it was about to land and begin some sort of important mission or relay urgent news, but I'm probably wrong, ahaha

    I'd have to say that my favourite piece here is the Gyarados; it looks like a hard to pull of drawing, and you've done well on it. The rain is great, but I think you should look at a few references for waves. Either way, those waves are probably better than any of the waves I've ever drawn pff
    Also to add more depth, you maybe could have made Gyarados seem longer or blurred his tail just a bit to make it seem more like foggy, stormy, unclear weather. I don't think it would subtract from your focal point either because Gyarados himself has some bright colour on him in the form of the glowing eyes and Life Orb.

    And er... I type too much, sorry!
    But, I hope I've helped.
    Thanks, I'm glad you like my style. ^^ I actually do shade with odd colors, usually I use the opposite/close to the opposite color of the creature I'm drawing to shade with (ex: I used blue to shade the Red Gyarados), so I know what you're talking about there.

    And I did use a couple reference photos of eagles for Pidgeot, to try to get the proportions and placement of the wings to at least look realistic. xD Birds aren't my strong point at all, I personally specialize in dragonlike wings, but meh.

    I would have added more detail to the waves in the Gyarados pic and, like you said, added more depth, but these set of pictures were more to showcase my team rather than look completely realistic. I'll post more drawings later of actual scenes rather than 'portaits', but I do see what you mean, and you're right. Although, I'm personally really proud of it (even though I completely half-assed the water because I was in a rush, haha), it's one of my favorites due to the pose and effects I did.

    Thanks for your comment, though, and once I finish posting my HG team, I'll post some other/different stuff I've done. xD

    Originally Posted by Froggy_00 View Post
    Oh snap. Those are incredible. Probably the best pokemon art I've ever seen. That Gyarados would make an awesome background :D

    Great job and keep em coming :D I want to see more LOL. May I suggest a Dusclops or Dusknoir one next... ;)
    Thank you ^^ I'm glad you like them! And just to let you know, I don't take requests or anything like that, so don't be surprised if I don't do suggestions that are offered to me... if it's a good idea, I might do it, but otherwise- I have a very busy schedule (school, work, etc.), so in my free time, I like to do what I want to do. xD But a Ghost-type does sound like fun to draw, so I might try to draw one sometime, thanks for the tip~


    Anyway, here's the 5th member of my HeartGold team- My male Ampharos, Raijin. An Expert Belt is tied around his neck, which boosts the power of his super-effective moves.

    I decided to fool around with lighting/shading a bit on this, so it's kinda experimental. Still, it came out alright, so I'm fairly happy with it. The only thing I'm not happy with is the shading on his body, but meh. I know what I did wrong with it, so it's all good. xD