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    Well, it looked nice when it is inserted.
    Anyway, the cooltrainer's sprite looks nice!
    The tiles are looking good in the underwater. I didn't noticed the boat when I first saw the pictures. It's also nice when it is inserted. I hope you complete this hack!
    Thankx, you helped many things.
    The underwater sure does look good!
    And so does everything else
    Thanks and I also viewed you hack, it's very nice. Keep it up. :D
    To be honest your grammar looks quite good, and beta testers will pick up the odd slip up easily.

    The events in the videos look promising, looks like very good scripting.

    Good luck!
    Sky's grammar is bad.
    Really bad.
    He needs a grammar corrector.
    And I'm one.

    I admit that his scripts are good,
    but he didn't do good
    in the "Dialga vs Giratina" script.
    Instead of releasing a Red Orb around
    the place, 2
    "special 0x131"s will
    look better in replacing the Red Orb.
    I wrote in the first post, my english is bad. So I'll need a corrector, but it's not mean I must ask you for this.
    Thanks for your attention but I think it will be better if we don't talk about it anymore. Sorry but I think it'll make other people feel uncomfortable.
    I hope I have no mistake in this post. :D

    And many people still can't patch, try to download another Emerald Rom Base BPEE (I can't give you a link here)

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