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    Does anyone know where I can get a simple tileset for the Johnto (I think, the first region) with everything like buildings, surroundings (trees, grass, etc), etc? I need it in a format that is easy to humanly understand, and the objects can't have breaks in them (so basically a building must be on one line), I'd also prefer it to be in geological order (such as surroundings, then pallet town, then the city after that, etc.

    It would also help very much if surroundings where in on file, and each cities buildings in their own file, or if the building is generic inside a generic buildings file.

    If there isn't one out there, could someone make one? It would be greatly appreciated. The reason I would like them is I am making a browser-based pokemon game (emulator style) and the tilesets that I've seen so far can't be parsed properly with CSS (to my knowledge).

    Nevermind, I made some. If anyones interested contact me.
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