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    Originally Posted by sir.euge
    Yo zodiac, i know its hard for you to keep information to urself about this hack and that alot of people are annoying you for a beta and stuff but i think that you should release a beta when u feel the time is right. you will feel more pleased with urself and the people at this community will thank you for making such a good game for us to enjoy. We all crave for some pokemon fun!
    Hey, thanks. I also want to do the same since we are all on a tight schedule aye? Anyway, I got some progress on my Mobile system so I'm gonna shed some light and how it works.

    Basically, G/S/C has 27 trainers that will call you - alot, besides Mom, Prof. Elm and Bill. Pure Gold may have more So, here are your 27 trainers which I copied from G/S/C platinum's site since they did the research so credits to them
    Youngster Joey (Route 30)
    Bug Catcher Wade (Route 31)
    Picnicker Liz (Route 32)
    Fisher Ralph (Route 32): Informs you of Qwilfish in the area.
    Hiker Anthony (Route 33): Informs you of Dunsparce in the area.
    Pikcnicker Gina (Route 34)
    Camper Todd (Route 34)
    Juggler Irwin (Route 35)
    Bug Catcher Arnie (Route 35): Informs you of Yanma in the area.
    Pokefan Beverley (National Park)
    Schoolboy Jack (National Park)
    Schoolboy Alan (Route 36)
    Lass Dana (Route 38)
    Schoolboy Chad (Route 38): Informs you of Snubbull in the area.
    Pokefan Derek (Route 39)
    Sailor Huey (Olivine City)
    Fisher Chris (Route 42)
    Fisher Wilton (Route 44): Informs you of Remoraid in the area.
    Bird Keeper Vance (Route 44)
    Hiker Parry (Route 45): Informs you of Marrill in the area.
    Blackbelt Kenji (Route 45)
    Picknicker Erin (Route 46)
    Cooltrainer Reena (Route 26)
    Bird Keeper Jose (Route 26)
    Cooltrainer Gaven (Route 27)
    Cooltrainer Beth (Route 27)
    So, to have them all work. I will have a table for Phone Calls using this format:
    [Index of Trainer][Pointer to Trainer Name][Pointer to Trainer's Script]

    Elsewhere I will have a counter that does some magic and then generates a random number, which will be use to call a certain trainer from the table and execute it's script. The script itself will have the conditions and if they are met then you get your call. Thoughts?
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