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    Hack Name:

    Sak Dier (Pocket Beasts) {Current Title, Subject To Change}

    Hack of:

    Pokemon Ruby AXVE

    Additional information about the hack:

    This is a hack where the climate of the world has been dramatically changed due to an attack Team Magma attempted upon Team Aqua shortly after the return of Team Rocket. You are a young girl whom has been brought up by Giovanni(who is still retired and has nothing to do with Team Rocket) with your sister, and you have grown old enough that Giovanni tells both your sister and yourself the truth, revealing he had been the leader of Team Rocket, nearly thirty years before you were born. He then gives you your first pokemon, but to your dismay your sister has already gotten her first pokemon from him.

    Due to the climate change from the attack on Team Aqua, Pokemon have been changed, making most pokemon less colorful, most being shades of grey, black, and white. However colored Pokemon are still spotted from time to time.

    All Pokemon from the first three generations shall be available to be captured/received/aquired

    All new Legendary Pokemon Specific events in game

    And more.......

    Finished percentage:

    - Of Actual Gameplay (Maps, Pokemon Placement, Scripting, ect.) Less than 10%
    - Pokemon Name Translations 30%
    - Background Ideaology 70%
    - Gameplay Ideaology 35%

    What help or skill you're looking for:

    + Spriting +

    - Overworld Spriting/Battle
    ~ Complete Sets For Two Female Characters (back and front trainer sprites)
    ~ Additional Trainers (Random)
    ~ Overworlds For Berry Shop Owner/Stone Shop Owner

    - Tileset Spriting/Inserting
    ~ Original Sets with Ice/Water/Snowcap Mountainous
    ~ Original Sets with Desert/Fire/Volcano Top
    ~ Original Sets with Puddles/Waterspots-Damage/Overgrown with plantlife
    ~ New Tilesets of some towns/routes for being older
    ~ New Island Tilesets (x3)
    ~ New Ancient Ruins Tilesets (x3)
    ~ Tilesets For Berry Shops/Greenhouses/Stone Shops in/out

    - Special Sprites
    ~ Added "Pokemon"
    ~ Logos
    ~ New Key Items

    + Scripting +


    ~ Give Pokemon Scripts
    ~ Give Item Scripts
    ~ New Legendary Encounter Scripts
    ~ Misc. Scripts

    + Mapping +

    - Help With Mapping Out Towns/Routes/Islands/Ect.

    + Testers +


    Additional contact information:

    Chatango: Acronell
    Skype: Acronell
    AIM: Acronell
    email: [email protected]
    deviantART: SeeTheMasterPlay
    You may also PM me here

    Additional information:

    Just a small bit to show you can do as you say you can
    Pokemon Hack
    T^T Files Were Lost, Starting Over T^T
    Super Mario Bro Hack
    Super Engel Bros BETA (Just Scroll Down To Get It)