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    Originally Posted by 00Vampire View Post
    Sure. That always got on my nerves.
    Also, I'd like to introduce the feature of...
    "Move Selection"
    Each Pokemon can learn many different moves which they don't have to forget. At any point outside of battle, a player can access a Pokemon's Skills Screen and choose out of all that Pokemon's learnt techniques, which 4 he wants to set for battle. This allows for lots of strategic customisation on the player's part.
    Can I ask for 8? if not 6. 6 (at least) Would be better since I have a few kinda strong movset in mind that can perform good combos

    Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
    Fatigue is a smarter idea than PP but maybe some moves can restore Fatigue like Recover and restore a little or even a new move
    Agree. Recover/Roost will supposedly restore it a little. But i dont think there's need for a new move
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