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    i hread that she said that she will give me the badge no matter what happen but i don't want that. so i yelled "hey!! HEY!! i do want the badge but it will be fair which means that i must win the battle. because i don't think my eevee will be proud with that kind of victory because i woundn't." thinking about all the other trainers who came to this gym and were defeated and got nothing. the i hread eevee said "WWEEEVV" this gave me the confendance to keep on battling to try to win because if eevee think we can win then we can win and if we lose then. well we lose.

    the gym leader just seem to nodded and said "piki(the pikachu) use rock slide." it slap its tail on the sand and rocks came smushing eevee. i know that pikachus use elecltrc attacks and that was no electic attack. the attack happen so fast eevee didn't have a chance to counter it. "use rock slide again piki" the samething happen again but i yelled "eevee use agility" eevee got a boost in speed and ran more then fast enonthe to dodge the attack. "use quuick attack piki" the pikachu came fast so i said "use quick attack too." there use an explorison and eevee was on the ground but quickly got up but piki was standing. "use tunder" the pikachu charge and then the bolt came down fast and hard on eevee. he was in shock the i hread "again" the bolt came down and hit eevee again but when the attack clear eevee use gone. "what he disappear where he went!!" the gym leader said sorry "i ssooooo sooo sorry i didn't meant to do that." the there was a cry from the pikachi. it was eevee. it was attacking from the ground. then i saw a hole where eevee was and i understand "smart thinking eevee. to use dig." eletic was weak against ground. the ref. said piki is unable to battle.

    the gym leader siad "well that was a bit surprisng but now let take this to round 3. "go Claydol."
    hey hey hey
    GO!!!!!!! CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Classic Charizard!!!

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