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Now we need a name for the small village on top of Mt Kindle. It has ash falling contstantly on it and for those of you who remember Boyleland from Pokemon Ranger 2, it'll be kinda like that. Contest runs from now till this Friday, April 9th, 9:00pm GMT. Winner will get their idea as the town, and possibly a little role in the game...

Answers to storyline questions;

countryemo-Nice idea, too bad the competition's over! xD
thelaytonmobile-The blue stuff is to do with a storyline thing we're not ready to disclose yet. More information coming soon! And we're working on the map, something tells there's an unbalance of towns to gyms, but more info soon.
shadowtogepi-We're doing very well, just check out the front page with the cool load bars.

Also, I'm gonna be doing regular updates of my own to do with the story, kinda like this one. Remember I always need fresh ideas for the story of this game, and rest assured, there will be more than in any other Pokemon game to date. I would use Twitter, but it's Peeky's account, so...

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