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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Prahaps in the 5th Generation will also have a sky? 'Cause I know in the 4th generation, there was no sky at all. Probably the 5th generation will have a camera angle adjusting like what Pokémon Colosseum did.

But I am assuming the sprites will be 3D Models with black lines around the outside which will always be facing you and adjusting to whatever side of the model.

EDIT: I know it will defenantly be for the Nintendo 3DS, 'cause...
  1. The Nintendo DSi doesn't have games that are made exclusively for it, only the DSi Ware Games.
  2. The Nintendo DS won't have enough space on the card to fit in 250 extra Pokémon. And the improvments would require a file size of 1.10 GB.

Who knows if the Nintendo 3DS will have very small optical disks or cartrages?
It is wrong that they wouldnt be able to fit in more pokemon, as the games are aprox. expandaple to double the size that is used for pokemon right now, the only reason they havent done that yet, is because they wouldnt be able to justify that they didnt add more features!

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
When they define "DS", they define it as any version of the DS. It could be for the DS, DSi, or the 3DS. No one knows, yet. Just because they say "for the Nintendo DS", it doesn't mean that it will be for the DS lite/DSi/DSIXL. It still has the chance to be used on the 3DS, unless the 3DS is released after the Gen 5 games.
Im gonna go ahead an higlight in that short wuote, whee it exactly point out that it isnt gonna be on any other generation ds! Even tought the 3ds wasnt announced when this was written, people did expect the next generation to be on another console!

Originally Posted by Bulbapedia
...have been announced to have an expected release date of late 2010, and will, in an unprecedented move, be released for the Nintendo DS, the same console as Generation IV's main series games...

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