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Congratulations on your shiny Cyndaquil, The Red Chain!

I've been hunting a lot lately. I'm up to 13,000 encounters for Numel on Sapphire and Emerald; I've also reached 832 SRs for a shiny Ho-oh on HG. I feel like the SRs go by so slowly, though...I resumed an old hunt on my FireRed version. I'm looking for a shiny Growlithe; however, it only has a 20% encounter rate where I'm searching, so I might postpone the hunt (again) and wait for my HeartGold to free up so that I can hunt for it on that game using the Repel Trick.

I've also been doing random encounters for Wooper, though I've only been doing them after 8 pm because that's the only time Wooper shows up on the Route that I'm searching for it.

Good luck, everyone.

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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