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    It's Dogasu episode comparison time:

    Quite a few dialogue edits, including Brock's observation about the two mascots dancing as they did.

    Speaking of whom, I'll include Dogasu's side observation about Takeshi's overall behavior in the episode:

    "I often complain about Takeshi not really doing enough, but this time, I actually feel the opposite. In this episode, he somehow is able to figure out things that both Joi and Kodama-Hakase - who both have to have had some amount of higher education, mind you - are too stupid to solve themselves. He seriously just walks into the middle of things, takes a glance around, and then BAM - instantly makes guesses that end up being 100% accurate. A lot of people say that Takeshi is useless and that he's dead weight in this saga, but if he wasn't around in an episode like this, absolutely nothing would have been resolved because everyone else is just so effing brain dead."
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