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    Originally Posted by Bug Maniac View Post
    Can i join the Shiny Hunter club plez i love hunting shinies found a a Shiny Tentacool on Leaf Green but then relized i had no Pokeballs but i will find him again.

    Currently have no shinies but im still hunting.

    Just gave up looking for shiny pokemon then went back to viridian city on the way i thought ok i might just encounter a pokemon from the grass encountered a Rattata and guess with it was a shiny so i cought a shiny Rattata. So random

    Quick Question: If you catch example: Shiny Rattata then evolve it would that be 2 shinies or still 1 shiny?
    Congrats on your Rattata :D And to answer your question, that would be considered 1 shiny.

    On another note, stupid Ho-oh won't turn golden for me I'm at 5200 resets, getting kinda frustrated. But I'll just keep on doing a minimum of 100 resets a day and I should get him eventually :D
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