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    Originally Posted by BDT View Post
    Need Jolly Pichu lv.30 GAMESTOP

    Here is what I have for Trade.

    UK Game Shaymin
    Nature: Brave
    (Got these myself from the event)

    English Spring 2010 Pichu
    Nature: Jolly

    Michina Arcues
    Nature: Careful & Naive
    (Got these myself from the event)

    Aura Mew
    Nature: Sassy
    (Got this myself as well)
    Do you have anything else?
    Originally Posted by poke'freak123 View Post
    hey ethan you got anything to offer me for a totidle treeko and charmander leave me a reply name in game is luis friend code is 1205 1775 0947

    hey ginji can i give you a suicune for an arceus?
    would you please not post your offerings to other people that posted here "

    Is that suicune an event?
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