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    Originally Posted by kingjay99 View Post
    nobody probably cares but i got a beta up. it has one mission, and some glitches but that's why it's a beta.
    Just going to say this, I don't really know if you'll find this harsh.

    Stop being such A Drama queen about no one posting on it?

    You haven't really takin any ones advice on this, and it's like you don't even read the posts, you just agree with them, than start asking for More, More , more. Like people said get pictures of the Bad Guys, get pictures of the pokemon, get more screen shots of the game, because frankly, No one is going to post if, they have nothing to post on it? This might sound harsh but i'll get to the rating that you want so bad...

    Looks good the beta seems to be alright, I just started playing it though, um, The plot is short, and use your old accuse, that your working by your self don't rush me. Umm, To be honest it's not that bad, the featurse look good, good luck trying to code this all by your self.

    - Ryan
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