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Just what I-Like-Shiny_Pichu said, These look AWESOME!!!
I like almost every one of them. Only one I dislike is the Typhlosion (my favorite Pokémon). It doesn't look like Typhlosion to me.
Pidgeot and Gyarados are best of these. I don't like the gem on Gyarados head as it looks too bright.

I hope I can do something like this someday. I have Photoshop CS2 but I haven't learned anything (maybe something little but still...) and I hope I'll understand every ways to draw with it.

Please feed my Pokémon and warm my eggs.
Thanks for everyone who have clicked these, you've helped me a lot

Anyone has Club Nintendo codes that you don't need? I want those.
If you have one code for me I can trade you my Explorers of Sky code as I can't put it because I have registered already one. (Registered my brother's game and now I can't register mine...) Someone have same thing? PM me.
I know there's nobody who wishes to do this xD
I'm talking about Club Nintendo of Europe.