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    Hello everyone. I was wondering if I may join your club. I've been hunting shinies for three years now and I remain an avid hunter to this very day. My very first shiny was a random shiny swablu in emerald back in '06. I happened to hit my shiny frame (this was way before RNG abuse was discovered), I know this from my other two shiny frame pokemon in Emerald version, all with different natures and stats. Due to the fact that I unknowingly hit my shiny frame three times and no one yet knew how to abuse the RNG I still consider these fully legitimate shinies.

    My favorite shiny pokemon is metagross, which happens to also be my favorite pokemon in general, closely followed by latias.

    All of the shinies I have encountered, minus 3 shiny poochyenas, are in my banner below.

    I promise to hunt shinies like the rules require. Right now I'm soft resetting for lugia in SS, I'm at around 3,500 resets, and charmander in firered at around 30,000 resets.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: By the way, this is Narutopokedude from serebii if anyone happens to know me from the shiny club there.
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