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Originally Posted by Ballzie View Post
I'm interested in trading for these 2 pokes:

Name: Magmortar
Event: PokeTopia
Level: 50 Untouched
Item: Charcoal
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
Stats: 148/100/86/151/104/104
Moves: Hyper Beam/Flamethrower/Psychic/SolarBeam

Name: Jirachi
Event: Channel
Level: 5 Untouched
Item: None
Gender: No Gender
Nature: Timid
Stats: 26/13/15/15/16/16
Moves: Wish/Confusion/Rest

I would be willing to trade any two from this list: World 09 Weavile, TRU Shaymin, Shiny Japanese Ditto, or 10 ANIV Espeon. If you are interested, or would like their stats ... please vm or pm me.

Ok i ll give zou the two for :
World 09 Weavile, 10 ANIV Espeon
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