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    Would you like to see Pokemon Battrio outside of Japan?
    I certainly would.

    For those who don't know what I'm talking about:

    Pokémon Battrio is an arcade game exclusive to Japan. However, it is rather unlike other arcade games in that it is also a collectable franchise. There are many disks being sold seperately as part of a variety of sets in a similar manner to the Trading Card Game. These disks, when placed onto the arcade machine, translate into Pokémon in the game.

    On first glance, Battrio just seems similar to the Pokémon Stadium & Battle Revolution games released in the past in that it is in a nice stylised cel-shaded 3D. However, there is a major difference in that firstly, you have 3 Pokémon on the field at once and you can position them in a variety of positions based upon the position of the Battrio Disks on the Arcade Machine.

    Like the main games, it is a turn based game with each Pokémon having stats such as Attack, Defense and Attack Speed. This allows for battles to rarely be identical. However, as there's only a finite amount of disks, there is some similarity.

    In addition to the simple battle modes, there's a single player campaign. Using a special Memory Key, you have the ability of having your entire progress tracked and saved so you can continue at any time. Using the in-game currency you earn in the game, you can purchase a variety of items to assist your battles.

    More about the game

    Would you like to see this game in the US or any other country?
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