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The Red Chain
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Hey guys!
It's been a while since I updated you all.
I've been re-inspired to chain again thanks to Froggy's super duper awesome website.
I will be going for blue Houndoom this time around. Wish me luck. <3

Grats to MetalMario and Bug Maniac for your shinies.
They look so amazing. :33

Edit : Okay so after one attempt with a chain of 43 that was busted by accidently running into a Ponyta I gave a second attempt.
I got to a chain of 45 and this blue bad boy shined for me. <3

On another note, stupid Ho-oh won't turn golden for me :( I'm at 5200 resets, getting kinda frustrated. But I'll just keep on doing a minimum of 100 resets a day and I should get him eventually :D

You know, I got frustrated just like you when SRing for Cyndaquil..
What really motivated me to keep going was watching videos of other people on Youtube encountering Shiny Cyndaquil.
I dunno.. just thought it might help you some if you do the same but for Ho-oh.

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