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    Originally Posted by Overdrive64 View Post
    ^I like the finding an injured Pidgey and nursing it to health, I would go that route tho and avoid the dead pidgeys. Also, making Gyms challenging IMO but gym 1 should be nowhere near gym 8 O.o, make them at least possible wih a bit of grinding.

    Anyways my idea:
    Over Emerald:
    Takes place after the events of G/S, in a region composed of islands in the between Hoenn and Johto (very close to Johto). Though many small islands/ towns are found in the sea, four 'main' island border the region in the four corners of the map, each composed of multiple towns, routes, caves, etc.

    -You are a young boy from Hoen. Accompanied by your older friend (relationship unknown) you beggin sailing east to Johto. The game starts with you climbing onto the deck, where your friend invites you to fish. Against all odds you hook and catch the rare Feebas. (If you don't like Feebas don't worry, you'll have a chance to obtain a normal starter soon after.) You run low on gas and stop at the dock of a small island. You are sent into town to find some, needing to progess through a route to get there.

    -You encounter Bill at the towns entrance. He is on the way to see Mr. Pokemon at his home there. He is distressed due to the fact the Red Scale has been taken. The two notice that the only Pokemon accompaning you is a Febass. Bill offers you Eevee to take with you (may change this to other pokemon) to help you on your way. When you return with the gas tank, you find your friend standing on the dock in a fury. Two Rocket Grunts are stealing the ship! You battle one of them, unfortunately by the time you are done the other has gotten away. You encounter Bill again on his way to his ship. He saw everything that took place, and notes that you handled your Pokemon well. He asks you to investigate what they may be up to, as team Rocket had supposedly disbanded. He offers you the use of his Fast Ship in exchange, as he can simply fly home on his Pokemon. *He flies away. You set sail to the first main island in the Southwest, following the grunts. The islands' terrain is mostly forrest.

    -Although Giavonni ignored Team Rockets pleas for his return before, after seeing a news report about the Red Scale by Mr. Pokemon, he is intrigued on Rocket's progression in his absence. The team is attempting to to recreate the experiment on a larger scale; seting up broadcast centers on the four boardering islands, in order to creat an army of Gyarados to do their bidding and conquer the region, making it the perfect control point to conquer Johto. (Note that you start with Feebas, and that Milotic has the power to calm raging Pokemon.) This game MAY shed some light on Rocket's motives in R/B/Y as well...

    -On your Journey you will encounter Silver on occasion, having come here to train and build a stronger connection with his pokemon, realizing he can never defeat Gold at his current strengh. (Those of you who know the HG/SS Celebi event know there is much more relevence to the reformed Silver's presence, but none of that for now...) On occasion you will encounter the Legendary Beasts, Entei and Raiko remain on 2 islands each, while Suicune remains in the water. (This game assumes Gold did not capture the Beasts after they escaped the tower.) They may play a roll in the story as well...
    I think this is amazing! good! p.s. just a hinter, could you travel to both regions? i think you mean we could, just making sure!
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