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    List is constantly updated with new stuff. Keep checking back. =D

    Plat FC:
    (Use for trades unless stated otherwise)

    SS FC:


    1) No hacks. EVER.
    2) Everything you trade me I plan to put up in the shop for trade. Let me know if something isn't redis or it'll go up.
    3) I can't clone. So, let me know before trading me if you can't either as I'll need my Poke back. =P
    4) NRD = Non-redisable, if you get any Poke from me with this stated it means you can't trade it to anyone else.
    5) When it comes to trading my regular shinies, I will usually do 2 for 1 EV'd/IV'd Poke or 3 for 1 Shiny EV'd/IV'd Poke.
    6) I DO NOT want regular plain shinies. I don't have any use for them. Same can kinda go for event Poke but not completely.
    7) DO NOT PM me unless I have a done deal with you or have PM'ed you first. I will not respond to you if you do this.
    8) Either tell me to check your list or let me know if you have something I might want. Don't ask me what I'd like for something when you don't have a list. CHECK MY WANTS if that's the case, they're there for a reason.
    9) Always be kind and patient. Seriously, I won't deal with rude people.


    SS FC: 4598-2108-4525
    Plat FC:
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