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Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
Howcome this is in the drawing board? Had it not made a lot of progress before?
And by the way, you shouldn't really reply to every post, wait a while then do so.
The main problem we had was with the plot, so we've had to take a few steps back to get that sorted out. All the work done up to that point is still in our project (mapping and eventing until Rustboro), but as we're now starting in a new region, that's our main focus at the minute, and as such, little has been done on that front. I hope that makes sense.

And I'll try to reply just the once a day. I was a little bit excited yesterday, so bear with me xD

Originally Posted by dudleyspud View Post
Will you be releasing the original August Emerald that you made up to now on demo?
Dew has said that he wants to revamp his old work, so I'm not sure we'll be releasing what we had. I think Dew still has the old project on his system, so if you're desperate to play, you should contact him.


In other news, I'm pleased to announce new team members!

lx_theo is joining us as an all-rounder, working on some sprites, ideas and also making music
Karel_Kazuki is helping us with our plot to create an excellent experience for the player
Serris is joining us as a musician and may be letting us use his fakémon sprites, too

As always, if you're interested in joining the team, don't hesitate to send me a message. We're always interested to see new talent, and the more ideas we have, the better.