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    background is copyrighted at this website
    umbreon render is created by one of the staff members of cavern of mew
    Base: Fire red
    First starter event chosen! It will be Totodile! I will have him in the update following the one with the first GYM so stay tuned
    Second one is Cyndaquil! He has been selected for the second event. As the first two were from the 2nd gen i am going to
    have chicorita as the last as i don't know how to add a new poll XD The other starters will be included but not in the way these
    ones were you will understand what i mean in the next update which should come soon! Stay tuned!
    Hello, I'm Neon Hydra. This is my first hack so i would like to see what you guys think.

    In this game there are two teams one is known as Team Dusk who has found a way to make new Pokémon more powerful than the originals. They are mutating Pokémon to bring out their true potential. As a side effect of the mutations a new Pokémon type is created. This type is Demonic, but in a accident in the facility some of the "Experiments" have escaped. The other is Team Pure, They are trying to eliminate Team Dusk and the easiest way to do that is to destroy their work, but their methods arn't the nicest. You live in the town of Sainar and that is where you start your Journey, but you soon find yourself mixed up in this struggle over power.
    Features (this is what the end result will have)
    progress legend

    S = started
    F = finished
    N = Not started

    S New region
    F New starter triangle
    S New Hero\Heroine sprites (intro and Trainer card images replaced and starting OW insertion) (credit goes to AuroraHearts for her awsome sprites)
    S All possible battles will be double battles
    F Evolution Overhaul (all evolutions are extended to remove that endless haul to lvl 100)
    N New legendaries (preview in screen shots)
    N New Pokémon type : Light and Demonic
    F Running inside
    F Ability to buy Ether’s at the pokemart
    F Get national dex right away (note this is in < 0.3)
    S Will catch all 2 gen starters (not nessiraraly in the way you expected)
    Screen Shots

    <- Is an early design of one new ledgendary... no stealing!


    Bugs: (if anyone knows how to fix this please say so) --------------------------------------------------------
    Gym Leaders
    1. Jake : Bug (Me)
    2. Kai : Ice (AuroraHearts)
    3. Kendo : Fighting (type by Rozen)
    4. Aero : Flying (type by Rozen)
    5. Iris : Grass (vietazn654)
    6. Ivy : Poison (type by Rozen)
    7. Rozen : Water(type by Rozen)
    8. Dark (type suggested by both Rozen and AuroraHearts)

    Me - Mapper, scripter, beta tester
    AuroraHearts - Spriter of Hero's, Ideas
    BlindBommer - Beta tester, mapper, Ideas
    Zom Zoomg - Demonic Spriter
    Rozen - Gym Leader\Elite 4 moveset creator

    Looking for:
    Trainer\pokemon spriter
    Tile inserter (mabye)
    OW spriter
    pokemon battle spriter
    Teaser 0.1
    Teaser 0.2
    Teaser 0.3 (this adds the TOTODILE event to the game and fixes the warps in MT.Shadow)
    Teaser 0.4 (second gym among other things)

    Q: What is a teaser?
    A: This is what I have created for the game so far. It is a preview of the game somilar to an alpha/beta I guess...

    Q: I want to help.
    A: If you wish to help in some way PM me saying the aspect in which you want to help with.

    Q: When is the next update?
    A: When I'm done it....

    Q: I have a suggestion for a Demon/Light Pokemon.
    A: I am open to suggestions just post here or PM me.

    Q: When is It going to be finished?
    A: Define finished.... after the main plot/story is done I intend to continue to add stuff to make the game better and replayable.

    Q: I like this hack and want to help, but I don't know how to do any of the stuff you are looking for...
    A: If you can't help but want to show your support please put one of the banners in your signature or you could even make a banner for the game.

    hero sprites: AuroraHearts
    D totodile front sprite:Zomzoomg
    D totodile back sprite:Myself
    gym leaders/Elite 4: Rozen

    Demon/light sprite idea list


    Update Arcive

    Hi everyone I have uploaded teaser 0.3 along with that i have uploaded some pictures previewing the update.

    This update comes with the Totodile event. Demon TOTODILE is a fully functioning character with Front and Back sprites, his own stats, new pokemon menu icon and dex entry. I have also made Over World sprites for the event so i hope you all like it I have also fixed the warps in MT. Shadow so you can actually get through it



    Sorry guys I have been a bit busy and had a few delays. In most cases they were because of me....
    but let's get on with the update!

    Second gym badge obtainable!
    New Siren OW! (female hero OverWorlds)
    New route and Town!
    Second rival encounter! (sorry no battle yet)
    Sprite swap bug fixed! (you might not have noticed it but it was bugging the crud out of me XD)

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