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Originally Posted by Fox♠ View Post
Despite what a nob he was, he did do some good for Germany at one point, pulling an economically crippled and oppresed nation out of the dust.
Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
He blamed the Jews for Germany having crippled after the first war; he was angry because they sat around rich while the rest of the Germans were poor and malnourished.

He was just vengeful :s and wanted to rage his anger out on someone. The holocaust was sad; I personally feel the numbers were exaggerated a bit, but even so, some of the things I read about how they killed people, like tying the legs of pregnant women together so when they gave birth, both the baby and mother would die. Just terrible; it gives me nightmares, and I learnt of that three years ago!

Though, some horrible things are happening in the Middle-East, too. It's a miniature, secondary holocaust for the Palestinians pretty much. The American government is funding the Israelian army, while no one is helping the Palestinians. S'why I boycott quite a few Israe-funding products, like Coca Cola, l'Oréal, and McDonald's.

In any case, Hitler's goal was to obliterate what he felt was the problem. Although I feel his views of the problem itself were skewed, I can understand how a man who was pushed into poverty would feel with a certain group of people, not even from German descent, sat around in high-quality chairs and whatnaught, kicking at the rest of the country :s I'd be pretty angry, too! Though I wouldn't kill anyone.
Thank god.
Some one realise that he wasn't all bad.
In my mind he was a genius.(If you want me to explain I will.)

Well, as how much I agree will you though all of that.
His real goal, was a super-race.