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The organisation of the first post is a bit messy.. The "bugs" section, it's unclear if you actually still need help fixing them. Therefore, I shall attempt.
It seems the "bugs" lie in the scripts. The pre-made scripts don't know your new professor is called Flint, so you have to change said scripts.
The Unlimited-Paralyz-Heal, that's like a flag problem or something. (I haven't spent long enough scripting yet, so I can't give a definate answer). It's the script, anyway, so examine it.
Now, my comments.
The maps need work, in my opinion. There's far too much blank space around the player's house there. The foresty/routey one, in the second and third screen, is... Poor, frankly. The trees are randomly placed, as is the grass. "Natural mapping" has turned into an excuse for those who don't want to spend much time mapping, for the majority of people. Look, you could barely take two or three steps without walking in tall grass, which would get old fast.
Anyway, the screen beneath those is an edit of route 1, I'm willing to bet. If I'm right, my advice is this...
When starting a new map, wipe out the original with the black tile, first. That way, you're not inclined to stick to the guidelines of the original map, making yours unique, and new.
The starters work. I know this because I've used those exact Pokemon in a previous hack, but I've reverted to the official type-triangle, so you're safe :D
Ok, good luck.

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