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    Originally Posted by Dialga Man View Post
    You do not have any Poketopia events right? do you want them or no :x ?
    I do have them...
    Originally Posted by poke'freak123 View Post
    It was injapan myfriend went there to visit his uncle whomoved there to start a new life
    Can you give its ID number or all the info on it?
    Originally Posted by joshk_bra View Post
    salamence, porygonz, electrivire, milktank, ninjask, gengar

    well i also got kingdra, ninetales, frolass, polywrait, closyster, weavile,scizor, breloom, and zapdos for trade at the moment
    all evd
    What are the stats on ev'd poliwrath?
    Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
    Oh ok. PM me whichever one you want. Please give me up to 2 weeks so I have time and the chance to trade with you. Don't bail out fast on this one. Thanks. Whichever one you pick will be locked down until I have a chance to trade. Thanks.
    I kinda need these two:

    GCA EVENT #6
    Gligar lv10 Gentle ID 60505 Nagoya I have this one.
    Stantler lv10 Hardy ID 60505 Tokyo I have this one.
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