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Im kinda new and this is my first ever post so i wanted it to be quite helpful. I understand many people wanna hack emerald, and i do cos its good, so i did this- I went through all the tilesets to make a list

0+2=Rustboro/route 104
0+3=Dewford/Battle Tower
0+4=Slateport/Slateport Beach
0+5=TrickHouse/Desert/Some flowers
0+7=Fallabor/MeteorFalls/Contest Halls.
0+11=Evergrande City
0+12=Pacifidlog/Sky Pillar
0+13=Sootopolis/CaveOfOrigin(entrance+groundon/kyogre fighting grounds outside)
0+15=more Battlefrontier
0+18=Pokecentre(all floors)
0+19=Caves(all types)
0+20=Pokemon School
0+21=Devon Corp(presidents office)lux furniture
0+23=More meteor falls (good stuff)
0+24=Slateport Museum
0+25=Union Room/Record-MixingRoom
0+26=Slateport SodaPop Shop (on beach)
0+27=Florist on route 104
0+28=Daycare centre
0+29=Slateport Building Docks (generators etc)
0+30=CycleShop/New Mauville
0+31=Moss Cave
0+32=???-Includes quite cool cave bits
0+35=???-Includes quite cool cave bits (like as if you're in space/metal cave)
0+36=More Secret Base-I think
0+37=Brown version of 35
0+38=Inside of truck
0+39=Strange Floor symbols
0+41=Lilycove Art Museum
0+42=Inside your house
0+45=Petalburg Gym (mats-look like saffron dojo)(gym5)
0+46=Ice floors (sootopolis gym-but can be used for caves...)(gym8)
0+47=More house-like bits
0+48=Game Corner
0+49=Roxanne's Gym (gym1)
0+50=Brawly's Gym (gym2)
0+51=Watson's Gym (gym3)
0+52=Cool warpy things (Flannery's gym (gym4)
0+53=TrickHouse-direction editors
0+54=Fortree gym-probably-(gym6)
0+55=Twins gym (gym7)-mossdeep
0+56=abandoned ship-some good stuff here for ship maps and suchlike
0+59=GameCornerCOllection place (think so)-good stuff for cinema map,red carpet etc.
0+60=Battle Castle or Hall. need confirmation
0+61=more frontier crap
0+62=and some more
0+63=Battle Pike (definitely)
0+64=Battle Something-the place which is in a garden...
0+65=Battle Pyramid -some good stuff here-fire and stuff
0+66=More cave stuff-basically 19 but with colour variations. good stuff here too-ice panels
0+67=??? some odd waiting area
0+68=Slateport/Aqua hideout-submarine area (inc doors)
0+69=Trainer Hill(all floors) good stuff here.
0+70=more good cave stuff additions to set 66
0+71=Battlefrontier record place.i think
0+72=inside of contest halls
0+73=some more house bits
0+74=more union room stuff
7+23=Meteor Falls stuff- in centre of set has red craters- good for fire area???
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