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Any of these that you are willing to accept ?

Poketopia Pikachu
Poketopia Electivire
Poketopia Magmortar
PCP Pichu Spring
Regigigas EUSMR
Regigigas TRU
Hadou Mew
Pokemon Ranch Flygon
10 ANIV Celebi
Yokohama Pikachu

Shiny Adamant TTAR
Shiny Adamant Flareon
Shiny Brave Typhlosion
Naughty Flygon
Adamant Electivire
Impish Rhyperior

Got Evolution Stones, Medicines aswell.

I would be wanting

shiny mesprit lv.100
shiny regice lv.100
shiny registeel lv.100

If anything could be arranged
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