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    Originally Posted by TechnoSparkX View Post
    from your shiny giveaway please can i have -cyndaquil with reversal/flare blitz and flamethrower/crush claw
    -totodile with ice punch and dragon dance
    -chikorita with ancient power
    sure, which cyndaquil set do you want?
    Originally Posted by Dialga Man View Post
    Any of these that you are willing to accept ?

    Poketopia Pikachu
    Poketopia Electivire
    Poketopia Magmortar
    PCP Pichu Spring
    Regigigas EUSMR
    Regigigas TRU
    MYSTRY Mew
    Hadou Mew
    Pokemon Ranch Flygon
    10 ANIV Celebi
    Yokohama Pikachu

    Shiny Adamant TTAR
    Shiny Adamant Flareon
    Shiny Brave Typhlosion
    Naughty Flygon
    Adamant Electivire
    Impish Rhyperior

    Got Evolution Stones, Medicines aswell.

    I would be wanting

    shiny mesprit lv.100
    shiny regice lv.100
    shiny registeel lv.100

    If anything could be arranged
    What are the stats on Impish Rhyperior?
    Originally Posted by poke'freak123 View Post
    cant friend getting new cell and he hasnt traded me it but he's going to when ever he gets the chance
    oh ok...
    Originally Posted by Tcreavis View Post
    Ok so anyone can have a shiny for free on fridays, like today?

    Shiny Skarmory, if so.
    yup, you have up to six
    Originally Posted by joshk_bra View Post
    evd polywraith(shiny)
    pretty sure its evd in hp and attack
    ok, what did you want again?
    Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
    Ok. Can you be here tonight so we can trade? They are on my Platinum now. What is your FC as I need it for my Platinum. Thanks.

    EDIT: I can now trade. Your events are now cloned. FC please? Thanks.
    What event did you want again?
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