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Originally Posted by Erik Destler View Post
To the moderator that issued the infraction, I would assume. Lol.
If they don't comply, go up the chain of staff.

And . . while there aren't ~specific~ blog rules, the general forum rules basically apply. I mean, random blogs that are kinda 'spam' are fine as a blog IS a reflection of of oneself. As long as there's not an obnoxious amount posted successively in a short span of time. :/

I mean, if a blog is offensive, it's usually reported and dealt with accordingly - but other than that, to my knowledge there's not that moderation really involved with blogs. In general, it's common sense that people who have blogging rights would at least know a bit of rules so . . yeah. Lol.
Ok, and how about like.. word limits on blogs? Could I write "That's cool, man" and get infracted because it's not part of the 3 word rule? Just super curious.
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