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    Hello everyone. It's the weekend, and I'm hoping to get some hunting in. Congratulations on the new shinies, everyone.

    Last night, I had an odd dream. In the dream, I remember that it was late afternoon because every time I got in a battle, the sky looked reddish. And for some reason...I was random encountering for shiny Togepi! After a fair amount of encounters, I found a shiny one, then I put my game in Sleep Mode because I went to go do something else. While I was away from my DS, my brother came, and caught the shiny Togepi in a Premier Ball for me, but for some reason, I was upset at the fact that my brother caught the shiny for me. Probably because I don't trust his competence when it comes to catching shinies, heh. :p Anyways, I don't remember what happened after that, I just thought I'd share that little dream with you all.

    As for my hunting...well, I'm at the point where I'm hunting more because I want to move on to different targets rather than because I want the shiny. What I mean by this is that there are other targets that I'd really like to hunt, but I can't/won't hunt them because I'm want to complete my current hunts.

    To give you guys some exact figures, I'm currently at 17,634 encounters for a shiny Numel between my Ruby, Sapphire, and Emearld version. I've kept my Emerald version on for the past two weeks in order to prevent the RNG from looping, and I haven't gotten anything yet...and honestly, I'm a bit peeved by the fact that at this point (17,000+ encounters) most people would have gotten two shinies by now. Admittedly, I haven't been hunting every day, but still...this particular hunt of mine has been going on for a while, and I'd like for it to end (with me getting a shiny Numel, not getting shiny Marill or Machop) soon!

    On FireRed, I did some encounters for shiny Growlithe last night, bringing my total up to 4643 encounters. I've become a bit paranoid about getting a shiny Pidgey/another shiny Meowth from that Route, however, so I'm going to abandon that hunt. For now, I believe I'll resume my Paras hunt, which is currently at around 20,300 encounters. After all, who doesn't love a high level shiny that utilizes Spore + False Swipe combo? :p Because I tend to get bored of my Paras hunt rather quickly, I think will alternate between hunting for Paras and fishing for a shiny Shellder at Cinnabar Island every 1000 encounters/fishings; that should keep me entertained for a while. As for Growlithe, I'll resume it on HeartGold after I get a shiny Ho-oh. And speaking of shiny Ho-oh...

    Unfortunately, I only have a mere 1654 soft-resets for the phoenix. And with each soft reset, I feel less and less willing to hunt. But I really do want this shiny, and it's odd that I feel such little motivation to hunt for it! Well, I should clarify; I only feel little motivation to hunt for it while I'm actually doing my soft resets...does that make sense? When I watch videos of other hunters' shiny Ho-oh's on YouTube, or when I hear other people talking about how many SRs they have for Ho-oh (like CA, for exampe), their words of excitement or lament make me want to soft reset for shiny Ho-oh and get my own. But when I am actually in the process of doing Ho-oh soft resets, I frequently find myself thinking, "Man, I really wish I could I hunt something else on HG right now..."

    I probably feel this way because there are just so many other targets on HG that I'd like to hunt for, and my HG game has been stuck at Ho-oh for a few weeks now. I don't like the idea of killing Ho-oh, beating the Elite 4, and then going back to hunt for Ho-oh either because if I do that, I know that Ho-oh will take a major back burner behind shinies I want more like Suicune and some random encounter targets...and I still haven't even played through Kanto yet, so I'm sure that will take up some time, too! Anyways, the basic thing is that unless I get a shiny Ho-oh quickly, I am going to be one unhappy shiny hunter.

    As for Wooper, that hunt is going on smoothly. I want it a lot so that I can continue playing through SoulSilver and soft reset for a shiny Lugia, but I am also willing to wait a long time for this shiny. I find myself unusually patient with regard to this hunt; since I can only hunt for Wooper at night, this unusual patience is probably a good. The idea of my just abandoning this hunt has been cropping up into my mind every now and then, though, but I feel like if I stop now, all those nights of random encountering would have been a waste of time. And the simple idea of seeing a pink Wooper scrolling across the a nighttime field before a battle...well, that just really appeals to me.

    I haven't hatched for Riolu in a long while. I haven't checked my egg count in about 15,000 steps; last time it was 951, so I'm guessing that I only have like 970ish eggs hatched now. Riolu is honestly the shiny I want most out of all my targets right now, but I rarely hunt for it nowadays because the eggs take so long to hatch. Since I don't have a lot of time, I try to hunt as efficiently as possible; why hatch like 30 Riolu eggs in an hour when you can random encounter 200 Numel? That's basically the only reason why I haven't been hunting for Riolu. However, when summer comes around, it'll definitely become my main target.

    Despite the mild agitation expressed in my post, I should it make it clear that my overall mood towards shiny hunting at the moment is fairly positive. Sure, I would like a new shiny, but I'm not fuming at the ears just because I'm going through a bit of a drought. But after such a long post, I can understand how I could come off as a bit pessimistic. In all honesty, I'm just glad that I finally have time to get some good ole-fashioned shiny hunting done!

    Anyways, good luck everyone. I hope I get shiny Ho-oh or Numel (would it be wrong to hope for both?) soon!

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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