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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
If its your "own region"
And hoenn
Then shouldnt it be a new hero
Not Brendan
We're designing a new pair of player characters right now. We also have a new professor, and you'll be seeing art for him sooner than you think. xD As PP said, the current OW is a placeholder.
Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Given the Hoenn region and the "Emerald" basis for the name, I'm assuming you'll have both Groudon and Kyogre in there at some point.

In which case, I'll share an idea I had - make them a double battle. Since you can't use a Poké Ball unless there's just one opponent (for some reason), the player will have to choose which one to go for. You could perhaps make the other one available later on in the game, if you didn't want to do a "pick one fossil, lose the other" kind of thing. I'm not sure how the weather would work, though - perhaps make it a special battle and have both apply at once (maybe even only for themselves).
That's an interesting idea, and we'll certainly consider it. Thanks!


Well, as I said, we have a new professor. And I hope lx_theo won't mind me showing off his sprite, based on the concept by shinyscyther of DeviantArt:

Professor Nelson Palm

Pokémon Professor for the Dinso region
Probably the most laid back professor ever to have graced the Pokéworld, Palm is a surfer-turned-scientist obsessed with the ocean. When he isn't poring over his beloved Carvanha farm, he's probably lying on the beach right by his lab, or catching the waves. While immensely likeable, his negligence has led to Dinso lagging behind with its technology. His starters are borrowed from his close friend, Birch, who encouraged him to study Pokémon originally, and he is frequently in contact with his uncle, Captain Briney.

lx appreciates criticism to help him improve, so feel free to comment on parts you like or don't like about the sprite itself. I'll have more reveals in the next few days :D