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    I thank you for this tutorial, it really helped me know the ins and outs of Advance Map, however, I've got a bit of a problem.

    I was making a map out of a Beta map in Fire Red, the warp to the map is your player's bed, I tested the warps in game, they worked fine after a little trial and error. But then I went to make the interior map of a lab that Beta Island map, and after testing, the screen would turn black.

    After a bit of snooping what had gone on, I found out that when I go to change the Beta Map's name, the Lab interior mimics this command and has the same name.

    I'd like to note that when I did make a new bank completely for the insides of the island(it has caves and stuff), it gave me a replica version of my modified Beta Map, so I'm guessing both maps are kinda linked.

    Problem is, though, I don't know how to delete the lab to get rid of this problem, let alone don't want to delete it, so how can I fix this problem without resorting to deleting one of the maps?

    I can give pictures if you need them.
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