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    This looks amazing so far, I'm impressed. :D

    Now, first off. The intro needs a bit of work. Obviously, it's not the most important aspect of gameplay, yet the FR title screen and Obviously male Sister bugged me. X.x
    However, I do love that my character actually gets dialogue.

    Beginners package is possibly the greatest new idea I have ever seen. :D
    Nintendo should take a hint from you.

    Her name was 'Jennie' in the battle.

    Kanto towns?

    Notice the outer edges of the text box do not disappear.

    I don't recall ever meeting an 'OAK' in this game...

    Most of the doors in the sewers do not lead anywhere, despite the misleading arrows indicating a new map...

    Should be 'were', not 'was'.

    The storyline was rather entrancing, and I can't wait for the next installment.
    Keep up the good work.
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