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    Originally Posted by The Barber of Seville View Post
    yeah, the sprites are better than the old ones, i don't know, now they got a different style...more simmilar with gamefreak ones

    awesome work dude =)
    Haha, thanks dude.

    Originally Posted by Death5 Shadow View Post
    Im saying that he needs to be more cartoony, bubbly, animesque. Also the pose thing the wild pokemon has his back turned to you and isn't even looking at you change the sprite in that way as well
    Well, I don't really think that him can be more cartoony than that without losing his awesomeness... Also, he actually IS looking at the player's pokemon, just take a look at his eye.

    So, I updated the thread with the starters new sprites, region map, more complete summary, some of the character sprites and also included our
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