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    I had a (probably stupid) idea for a pokemon hack that I've never seen done before. (possibly because it is a perversion of all that we hold dear >3)

    Unfortunately, I have NO experience with rom hacking at all, just a really really persistent story idea making me want to jot it down. *twitches* Warning: Crossover ahead.

    Anyway, this would probably have to be a FR/LG hack unless someone's figured out how to hack HG/SS (and can teach me how).

    You play as either Denzel or Marlene from the FFAC movie (yeah, it's kind of a pokemon/final fantasy/dissidia crossover idea...kind of), and instead of starting in your "hometown", you're out visiting another town at the beginning of the game. Cloud, your town's gym leader, was supposed to come and pick you and your best friend (the gender you didn't choose) up last week, but he hasn't shown up yet, so you decide to go looking for him on your own. The elders in town are all worried because they're having trouble getting ahold of the people in Edge, and they think you're too young to go alone into the wilderness, so the town breeder lets you each choose an animal companion to accompany you on your trip.

    On your way to try and get home, you encounter a researcher (Hojo? Just kidding) who tells you that strange things are happening in the world, and animals from many different places are showing up where they shouldn't be. He then asks you to keep track of which creatures you encounter on your trip, and send him the data every once in awhile, since you're heading out of the area anyway. (Insert National Dex here?)

    As you try and make your way back to your actual hometown (Edge), you end up travelling through cities from all over the Final Fantasy series, starting with the first game.

    Ideas for cities:
    Melmond (small town from Final Fantasy I. No Gym)
    Altair (Rebel town from Final Fantasy II. Gym Leader: Firion)
    and so on. Gym Leaders would be Main Characters from the final fantasy games.

    Eventually, you end up on a quest (in the same way you "kind of find yourself on a massive world-saving quest" in FF) to figure out why the world is going out of whack (what with pokemon everywhere and communications not working half the time...not to mention all those people from the wrong game showing up out of nowhere), and what you can do to stop it....if you can stop it. Is it some diabolical plot by Square-Enix's developers? Has the entire world been caught up on one of Snorlax's Pizza-dreams? Or is it something even worse?

    Anyway, yeah, that would be my idea. >.> Now if only I knew how to oh, yeah....hack. >.<

    *runs off to find a tutorial*

    (note: even though my join date says 2007, I'm not a hacker, I just lurk and play the hacks I see that are, no experience. at all. *goes back to looking for those tutorials*)