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*sigh* I need help on my starting Team in Pokemon Crystal. All the Johto Pokemon aren't that good. I was looking forward to Aphardos but that isn't available in Crystal. And I have to wait to get Heracross and Skarmory but I need to defeat the Gyms to get them so I need Pokemon.

What Pokemon do you suggest I get? All I have is my Bayleef, and I've delivered Mr Pokemon's Package so I've really only just started. I would really like help and a diverse Team. Unless I can't get a diverse team because I've only just started. Also, I need their locations. Thanks

My Dream Team would be:
Bayleef (it aint evolving on my watch T_T)
Raichu (since Amphrados ain't available)
I need a Fire Type. I heard Magby will be able via the Egg? But I also want a Dark type. I think I can get Houndoom?

So you see, a nice and Diverse Team :D But I have to wait for all of them
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