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Originally Posted by CollosalPokemon View Post
@> Luka SJ:

By saying "I've been working on" I simply meant been modifying. Since I wasn't sure if this new screensize was going to work, I didn't know if I should give credits to them just yet. (Although I knew I'd use the logo for sure, so I credited FMP) And I actually incorperated it into Pkmn Essentials, so no, it's technically not using a whole new kit. (But yes if I end up using the screensize then I'll credit them) But I do have to give you an FYI, this is not only a French starter kit, they have localizations including english, although I'm still using Pokemon Essentials.
English...I didn't know that. Haha...I'd recommend using it then. I give all my hands up to Poccil and I really think his starter kit is awsome (since I'm using it), but I've also tried the French one, and I was amazed. All they have done. There is virtually no lag for anything. Transitions are smoother and it is perfectly executed. To say the least, I kinda prefer it over Essentials, so if there is an English version, go for it Anyways, anything is good as long as you develop the game...right, and I'm sure the new resolution will make your life, as well as the players life better.

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