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    Originally Posted by Daftendirekt View Post
    Jeez, this thread is so busy it's unreal. I've been trying to post for the past half hour(!)

    Anyway, I've been planning on creating a sprite comic. I have done so before, and i have plenty of experience, but the only problem is, i am disgraceful at Mapping.

    I already have a Story Line set out, and everything else, but Backgrounds are the thing I am lacking.

    Does anybody have any idea were I can get some random Maps or if someone could Create some for me, (credit given, of course.)
    Check the ROM and Hacking section and see if you can find a mapper in one of the forums and send a message to him/her.

    I have a question, why is it that there are like no comics anymore? I remember back a few years ago before diamond and pearl came out comics were so popular, now they die as soon as they appear on this forum.
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