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Originally Posted by Snooki Polizzi View Post
Check the ROM and Hacking section and see if you can find a mapper in one of the forums and send a message to him/her.

I have a question, why is it that there are like no comics anymore? I remember back a few years ago before diamond and pearl came out comics were so popular, now they die as soon as they appear on this forum.
Stuff happens. The bigger comics that held the forum aloft and allowed the smaller comics to come in and get attention died an understated little death, and then there were only the smaller comics left and they didn't get the same attention as the bigger ones (Whose fans left when the creators did). Long story short, here we are. I doubt it's a permanent lull though - all it'd take would be a newly refined interest in Pokemon itself and a new generation of comic makers to be put together and magic to happen.