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Okay, so continuing with the thought of changing the screen size, I present the titlescreen/intro of Origin (Just pics for now, video later) :

Let's start with the intro: (Not much changed from Platinum, but it is fully working)

As you can see, I've made a snowstorm around "POKEMON" just like in Pt's intro :D The reason I am showing two of those picture is to show it's a fully working sequence and not just a single picture. The other is just copyrights and stuff, it occurs in all Pokemon games...

Even though the intro isn't that original, I've developed an (almost) completely original titlescreen. No other Pkmn game has it, but the graphics are Nintendo's minus the logo by FMP:

The basic idea here is that every 10 seconds the titlescreen shifts to a different Pokemon of either Regigigas, Giratina, Heatran, or Arceus (In that order). When you touch the screen (or for those of you who like buttons more than the mouse, the Enter button) it plays a cry according to the Pokemon on the screen. The reason why there's a "demo" included in the name, for those who are wondering, is because I'm showing "demo"nstrations to you; This game won't have an official demo for a while, if that.

Thank you all for reading and hopefully commenting,

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