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Originally Posted by Krazy_Meerkat View Post
Update time!

Ok so I've been busy tinkering away, and now I'm ready for the second public beta *yay*
Firstly, I've done a bit of gfx-ing, and I'm no gfx-er, but I think they turned out pretty well.. You will see a new Tree, a new Grass Tile, fixed colours on the sky panorama and also some new 4-directional House gfx.. The first two were Kyledove-inspired, so he deserves most of the credit.
There is a new poll, please fill it out after playing the beta and I hope you enjoy being a part of the development :D
P.S. The poll is public so that I can credit beta testers, please don't abuse it and only vote after you play the beta.

Beta time! Talk to Professor Oak to toggle the camera mode..
I don't like the way you just cut off the map, I think you should atleast add a fog or something more subtle
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